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Parts are sold and work undertaken are subject to our standard terms and conditions


Quick guide: 

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of our site and any purchases that you make from it. Please read them carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law. By using and registering on the site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and our Returns and Refunds policy.

Your order (with the exception of goods being made specially to order) can be cancelled or changed without any charges at any time prior to collection or dispatch.


Card Payments We are Chip and Pin Enabled, so cannot accept "third party" remote payments where goods are collected without the card holder present. Similarly, for security reasons, goods must be posted to the card holders address. On transactions over £1000:00 we charge an extra 2% to cover costs. Debit cards do not incur charges. Our minimum card transaction limit is £10:00.

Cheques. We do not accept cheques unless pre agreed. Any goods purchased by cheque will not be released for 7 working days to allow the cheque to clear. 


Orders purchased online from MSC can be returned for a full refund provided the following: 1. You tell us you are returning the item within 14 days of you receiving it and 2. We receive the item back within 14 days of you telling us you want to return it. After this period orders may be returned subject to a minimum restocking charge of 25%. All items returned must be in original packaging and in a sellable condition. You are responsible for return postage costs. We do not accept returned electrical components unless they are returned unopened in original packing and we do not permit returns on special order  or bespoke items.

If a returned item is lost, damaged or been used in a way that de-values it then MSC reserve the right to reduce the amount that is refunded to you. Please ensure the item is packaged securely before sending and obtain proof of postage.

If the goods are being returned because they are faulty, incorrect parts or because of unsuitable substitution by us, in this case we will meet the cost of the return but we insist that you allow us to nominate the carrier and postal method. MSC will not be liable for any unauthorised high cost method of return. A full refund of the postage cost will be made to you once the goods have been received and their condition verified.

Refunds will be processed within 14 working days the the item being returned.


Parts are supplied on the basis the buyer has the knowledge to fit them and operate the vehicle accordingly, or is having the parts fitted by others with that knowledge. Help and advice may be offered when requested. This assistance is not definitive. You must satisfy yourself as to your own competence and experience. 


MSC Workshop labour rate is charged at £43.50/hour plus VAT and the minimum labour charge is 30min. 

Repairs We always have your best interests foremost when we are repairing your vehicle, but we cannot always complete repairs as we expect; parts may not be available; we may incur extra problems, simply run out of time; the repair may run "over budget". We will endeavour to contact you. But, if we can't, we may have to abandon the repair until we can speak to you. We always charge you for our time spent on your vehicle. If the problem is not found, or does not exist, costs have still been incurred.

Warranty Repairs We always strive to complete repairs under warranty, but authority must first be given from the Manufacturer. If authority cannot be obtained out of office hours or Saturdays, or if the Warranty Web-Site cannot be accessed, the repair must be paid for. Where warranty authority is given later a refund will be made. If NO FAULT IS FOUND (ie due to incorrect operation, or a perceived fault that simply does not exist or cannot be proven) then neither MSC nor Manufacturers warranty will apply; and a charge will be made, even for investigative work where no fault can be found.

And parts fitted by us but not purchased from us are not covered by any form of guarantee. 

Prices QUOTED will always be in writing. If it is not in writing then it is only a guide and may change once work commences. 

Non Standard Parts or Non Main Dealer work may void any Factory warranty.

Service & Two Stroke Oil We don't fill your oil tank as we don't know which oil you use. If you want us to top up the oil tank, then ask us; we will charge for a full litre of the correct Putoline 2T oil, and leave any remains under the seat.

If you have a maximum budget, then tell us, we will always comply. This could mean we are unable to complete the repair, however, as soon as we feel this is the case we will stop work and contact you to ask how to proceed.

Storage Charges: Repaired vehicles left over 7 days (except those being repaired) after work is completed will be charged £5:00 per day storage. For vehicles NOT being repaired the charge is £8:00 per day.

We are not responsible for problems arising from parts we supply being fitted by others.
"RACING PARTS" are for RACE USE ONLY. They are supplied for their intended racing use, and have NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER!! We do not recommend using race or competition parts on road vehicles. If you ask us to supply and/or fit these parts, then this is at YOUR OWN RISK. It may be necessary to alter, update or improve other components for parts we supply to work effectively. There may be a real risk of serious engine damage, or of accident if parts are not tuned to work together. We are not responsible for this.

Recovery will be charged according to our costs; the minimum charge is £15:00 . We advise you to use specialist roadside recovery, or AA /RAC cover. We cannot repair your scooter at the roadside or at your home. If we find nothing wrong, or that the problem is incorrect operation, or for example a flat battery, or the spark plug cap fallen off, the recovery charge will still be made. Warranty does not cover this situation. If you have “free recovery”… but call us, we charge you for our recovery service.

We do not have an emergency recovery or emergency repair service. Recovery will be within normal business hours and where possible at a time convenient for you.

VAT is added to all quoted labour, recovery and storage charges.

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