Royal Alloy GP300S

Featuring a 21bhp, 278cc liquid cooled, 4 valve engine with a running weight of just 130kg, front and rear hydraulic brake discs, industry leading Bosch ABS system, and quad suspension.


£119.27 per month

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Royal Alloy GP200 LC

Royal Alloy GP 200 Pushing the standard envelope of performance from a Liquid Cooled, fuel injected engine has never looked so eye catching, ABS gets you to a stop with confidence leaving the drama to the journey you choose to undertake.

£4,395 £3,999

£108.33 per month

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Royal Alloy GT 200 LC

Taking advantage of the weight saving Plastic body work that helps its little Sibling be the competitor it is, the GT200i takes another forward step by stuffing a larger cc Liquid cooled power unit into the existing svelt bodywork.


£94.23 per month

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